• How often do first aiders need to re-qualify?

    First Aid at Work certificates and typically all other first aid certificates in Australia is valid for 3 years.   Common exceptions Basic Life Support, Use AED, CPR certificates are valid for 1 year.

    Can first aiders give medicine to casualties?

    First aid at work training does not include giving tablets or medication except using aspirin to treat a casualty with a suspected heart attack, which is covered in our BELS first aid program

    Who Should attend First Aid Training Lessons

    First Aid Training is most commonly overlooked. Most people never take a formal first aid class. Maybe your mother taught you some first aid as you grew.

    Is learning first aid hard?

    Our courses are designed for everyone. Most first aid procedures are easy to learn and based on common sense and our professional first aid trainers will guide you through the course.

    What about giving first aid to a stranger?

    Think about all the time you spend with friends and family, or at work with colleagues and clients. Chances are you spend time with people you know and if they become injured or ill, knowing what to do can make all the difference to the outcome.

    Can I get sued if I try to help someone and something goes wrong?

    In a life-threatening emergency, doing something is better than doing nothing. First aid is about sustaining life and minimising further injury until emergency help arrives.

    As long as you make a reasonable attempt to help a person, the Australia / NSW Civil Liability Act 2002 (sometimes known as the Good Samaritan Act) states that individuals will not incur personal civil liability.

    Does my workplace need to train me in first aid?

    There is a range of different requirements for first aid trained employees and first aid equipment, depending on the size, location, and nature of your workplace.