• A key feature in our training delivery service is our Training Desk – the online solution that’s a one-stop-shop for your training needs.

    How does Training Desk benefit Clients?

    A client will have access to our state-of-the-art platform, designed to give more control at your fingertips.

    From the dashboard clients can access employee profiles, enrolment details, and certificates, all within a couple of clicks.

    Stress less with detailed reports showing course renewal dates and expiring qualifications, designed to free up valuable time.

    Oversee all training courses from start to finish, with automated reminders and a range of other business support tools.

    Enjoy the benefits of:

    • No data entry
    • Access to employee information
    • Downloads and detailed reports
    • Managing upcoming courses
    • Access to certificates and attendance sheets

     Clients will be able to take full control overbooking and scheduling with their own course calendar.

    Managing employees has never been easier!

    Everything is controlled within a modern, easy to us system that is:

    • Streamlined
    • Automated
    • Direct

    Training Desk offers flexibility with customised options, accurate real-time data and much more.

    Clients are going to love everything Training Desk has to offer!